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We have reached a point in life where now people, organizations, and the government strive for ease. The world moves towards a paperless reality where one must adjust to modern changes and be tech-savvy. It is to work towards such goals that we had during our IT boom and rapid technology development in the past few decades. 

The increase in the service sector showcases the scope of such fields. The field of computer science has improved greatly, theoretical knowledge and practical knowledge is realized with every new invention of a gadget, feature, resource, software, etc. This article will throw light upon which software to web design. We have compiled a list of resources where one can accordingly decide which software works best for them.


This is one of the highly recommended for those who is finding which software to web design. It is user-friendly, easy to understand, and equipped with many benefits. Thus, it is usually sought out by beginners starting their journey in this field. It is available for free or you can avail certain premium features by buying it. Once you pay for it, you have access to a variety of templates, adequate storage, no ads, etc. This has been all the new rage as of 2021.

A list Apart

A web designer’s job is not done once they’ve made a website. They need to actively update the website and update their knowledge with the introduction of new features to remain at the top of their world. One good resource that is highly informative and will keep you on your toes is a list apart. It is an online magazine of web designers that deeply analyses the industry’s best content, design, coding, etc.

Adobe XD

Adobe is a popular software if you are beginner & trying to find which software to web design, one that does not require much ranting about Adobe XD. It is available for free but it’s full version requires a subscription. IT is believed to be the best when it comes to prototyping. It’s easily available and promotes other Adobe tools like Photoshop, fonts, etc. Thus, this too is sought after due to the different features it provides, cloud integration, etc.


Sketch is a tool that most web designers are familiar with. It is a vector editor developed solely for Mac OS. It is user-friendly and has a free trial for 30 days. SO feel free to bring out the artist in you with the use of this tool. You can use a variety of brushes, pencils, pens, or paint to your heart’s content here. Other benefits include storing projects on cloud and constant updates.

Sublime text

Sublime text is another software which will cross your path while searching which software to web design. It is widely used for e-commerce purposes and has gained recognition in this field. It is easy to use as it does not require much or any coding and provides for a lot of customization. It is also mobile-friendly and makes use of drag and drop tools for web creation. Usage does require payment but there are free features also available. Most online sites for placing orders, or shopping make use of this domain. Its predesigned templates are of good help when we are in a time crunch.

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Weebly and Figma go hand in hand. While Weebly is best used for e-commerce, Figma is a tool used for the same. It is a famous graphic editor that is used frequently by companies as well as design studios. It stores your work in the cloud. It is available on both Operating Systems and can be used offline through the desktop version. Through this, you can create prototypes of websites, vector images, mobile apps, etc. It is compared to Google docs by many people for its feature that supports teamwork.


Webflow is another application which might come up in search results when you’re looking for which software to web design.

 It provides cross-platform and easy drag and drop features making it a simple software that can be used by beginners to create websites. It is supported for its minimalistic nature but high-quality results and templates. It can be used by those who have no prior knowledge of coding. One of its unique features that I support is the free demo that displays all of Webflow’s features and uses. All this is available for free and about 2 websites can be created within the free trial after this period, you will need to pay to make more sites.

24 Ways

24 ways refer to itself as an “advent calendar for web geeks”. It is known for quenching the curiosity of these geeks by providing around 2 dozen articles in December regarding different topics of interest primarily concerning the web. These articles are written by eminent figures of the technology world and they stand to be useful and relevant even in the future.

Pattern Lab

Pattern Lab is a well-known software to use for web designing. It is considered the best in building design systems and its biggest merit is that it’s free. However, it is not a web developer, rather it is an intuitive interface with a clear focus. This software is based on the idea of atom designing. It entails breaking down a website into its fundamental elements and then building a site from there. While it does not help create websites, it does produce prototypes, building components, etc.


This option has been dubbed as one of the best custom options for beginners. This is because it is easy to use with many available features and built-in templates. The reason this option appears is rather than a website creator, it is a blogging application, however, and one does have the power to set up sites here. It is easy to install, use, design, etc. 

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It also provides a download feature that can be utilized for your templates. It too makes use of the drag and drop feature thus allowing us to make sites at a professional level without knowing any programming language. The only complaint often received is the spam in the comment section but this can be regulated by turning off comments in the settings section.

Graphics Program  

This tool is simple and easy to use. It is a good alternative against all the expensive, fancy tools. It is widely used for creating slogans, editing photos, textual features, logos, etc. 

Stock Photos

In addition to creating your graphics, stock photos add a professional touch to these graphics. One can also add video media through this. It is thus, one of the best photo editing tools for web designing


If you are looking for which software to web design than Origami is the answer It was created by the creators of Facebook. It makes good mobile prototypes and is known for its screen interactivity. It gives access to animation, timings, etc. It is compatible with sketch and Figma and provides fine editing features that are usually limited in other free software. However, as a consequence, it is more difficult to learn, with less help in case you run into problems.

Adobe Dreamweaver

This application is known for its maintaining websites, coding, etc. Its features include most text-based qualities. It can be accessed through various payment plans or free trials. It can even be used in Bootstrap, another great software. Its visual interface is outstanding. It functions as an in-between for those who want more than a simple drag and drop editor but something less than a coding application.


This program is used by illustrators, designers, etc. It is often compared with Twitter. Authors are known to post their work here, go through other projects, and make a name for themselves. This has helped many people improve their skills, find other interested people, communicate, etc. Works have been uploaded in many high-resolution formats and it is also used as a portfolio.


Squarespace is software that can be used on all devices to build professional websites. It has a good pack of built-in templates that are easily customizable according to your whims and fancies. It even has a special feature whereby answering a few questions can create a design-specific template according to your needs. It contains blogging tools, image tools, analytical tools, etc., and allows for you to create portfolios, galleries, etc.

Smashing Magazine

Though not a software tool by itself, this resource enlightens many on developing web designs through articles, news, tutorials, etc. These resources expound and give away certain hacks on which software to web design


This software is meant for expert web designers. It has been trending as of late as it is unique and enables people to design websites like canvas. It is a platform that works as a visual editor and is accessed with the help of a programming language. It is especially used by corporations for e-commerce.

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A free trial version and an annual yearly plan are offered for this service. It is designed to map out charts and guide the surfers of the internet. It is a designer tool that comes with a text editor, and other icons to create attractive flowcharts that can be used in school projects, presentations at work, etc. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be used along with other tools like Sketch, Adobe, etc.


This is another common site used for making blogs, websites, etc. It is easy to use as it does not require coding. It provides various tools and guides that will help you build your own website. It has numerous themes, is easily customizable, and can be used on any device. It is most often used for marketing campaigns.

Google Web Designer

Google has also provided us tools like shape tools to end our search of which software to web design. This is integrated with the other Google services like Google Ads, Drive, etc. You can easily edit your designs through programming languages. The best thing about this tool is that it is completely free and can be accessed by all.

Apart from this, there are other software, tools, resources such as Affinity Designer, Freebbble, Sublime text, Google Fonts, Lunacy, Iconfinder, Marvel, Invision, etc. are all examples of useful tools that can be used easily. They are available at different cost plans with a free trial version.


With the view of the pandemic, the business sector was affected the most whether you owned a shop, a hotel, a factory, it didn’t matter because people faced salary cuts and stopped lavish spending. Many curbed their shopping sprees, their outings and dates, and almost any financial transaction with another person. 

This was because they could not travel freely due to the lockdown. However, after the lockdown, these very businesses had to make a comeback into the market and so they had to develop their business, make it accessible online, provide for home delivery by a vaccinated staff that would ensure there is no contact. 

All this has shown us time and again the good side and the benefits of technology. It is, for this reason, we are taught computer science at a young age, now students learn to make websites of their own before they graduate. This has come to be a much-needed skill in today’s job market. So given above is a go-to list of which software to web design for anyone who desires to create their website.

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