Next-Gen Hosting-The Rise of Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Step into the future of hosting, where Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are revolutionizing the digital landscape. VPS hosting represents a paradigm shift in web infrastructure, offering the best of both worlds – the performance of a dedicated server and the flexibility of shared hosting. With VPS, users can experience isolated virtual environments that guarantee enhanced control, security, and resource allocation.

We discuss many advantages of VPS hosting and its potential to shape the hosting landscape. From seamless scalability to cost-efficiency and optimized performance, VPS presents a compelling solution for modern businesses seeking to stay ahead in the digital race.

Virtual Private Server or VPS proliferates hosting services to websites. A VPS host provides its VPS hosting services via some dedicated or private servers to a variety of websites that avail it. VPS is the newest member in the troop of hosting services, and therefore, doubts regarding its efficiency do cloud.

However, as per ScalaHosting, VPS platforms occupy around 10.3% of the entire web hosting market in such a short span already. According to Allied Market Research, with a tremendous CAGR of 16.2%, the VPS hosting market is estimated to reach around 8.3 billion by 2026 astonishingly.

Its strong competition with shared hosting platforms is further drawing the attention of the masses over it besides being an asset to a business.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting is a website hosting service that gets deployed upon the usage of virtualization technology. It happens by providing the duties of deployment to certain private servers. The VPS host comes with a stipulated memory, bandwidth as well as processing power. A VPS host is a formidable option for the following segments:-

  • SaaS Providers
  • Developers
  • Programmers
  • Both large-scale and small-scale companies

This option of using a VPS host is also opted for by those firms that have used and outgrown now from the shared hosting services.

Residing in a parent server and using virtualization technology, the VPS host mimics the properties as well as the functionalities of a physical server while securing the connections through other virtual servers. Even though it is called a server, a VPS host is merely software.

VPS Hosting Services V/S Shared Hosting Services

A shared hosting service deploys the usage of multiple websites; the multiple websites conjugate via a physical server. The resources yielded are also shared amongst these multiple websites hosted on the server. The multiple sites connected share the storage, computing power as well as each other’s data space.

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There is no requirement for large web traffic, and generally, the security concerns for the same are quite low. It is the most commonly used mode of hosting that can be easily provided at a low cost.

As compared to Shared hosting services, VPS hosting services do have their own share of disadvantages, as listed below in the following:-

  • The initial financial standpoint of getting equipped with a dedicated server is expensive.
  • The problem of allocation of shared resources might arise as proportionate distribution is not always possible. This generally arises when the web host has sold its space.
  • The configuration and control over the server demand technical experience
  • Full control over the server cannot be entirely established because of some sharing features of the virtualization software and the lack of a dedicated server

Why Choose VPS Hosting?

A VPS host, despite its shortcomings, is preferred over the traditional shared host due to the following reasons as listed below:-

Cost Control

Shared hosting services can be costlier than expected as compared to VPS hosting services. It is so because the VPS host only gets some dedicated servers for hosting, which makes the entire hosting site smaller.

This controls the cost of the large-scale-based shared hosting service.

Secure Environment

As compared to shared hosting services, a VPS host promises the most secure and stable environment for hosting its websites. In fact, one of the major requirements of the firms availing of the VPS hosting service is that they need a safely sealed network that they could not enjoy in the shared hosting service.

In a shared hosting environment, the security and stability of the hosting server cannot always be guaranteed.

No Dedicated Resources

As a VPS host, you are entitled to connect certain selected servers that shall not be proliferated to other sources. Therefore, the resources shared on the hosting service also remain for only these private servers.

The shared hosting service lacks this ability as the multiple websites networked on the physical server face the problem of not being able to have dedicated resources. It is so because they are entirely shared amongst all the hosted sites.

Memory and Computing

In shared hosting services, along with an extensive sharing of resources, the memory and computing load also accompanies the multiple websites connected to the server.

As all the aspects of the shared resources and hosting forums are eaten up by the arbitrary hosting server, a sudden traffic spike of web hosting on the same server may cause an increase in the load time of your website. It happens because the memory and computing data of that server weigh more at the expense of your website.

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In the presence of a virtually dedicated VPS host, the scenario can be altogether avoided.

Transitioning To VPS Hosting Platforms

VPS hosting platforms should be approached by all those firms, small businesses, and website owners who seemingly fall short of funds to afford a dedicated server while disengaging from the shared hosting service that cannot meet all its satisfactory factors.

Instead of being dependent on Java and Tomcat-like services, shifting to VPS hosting platforms would be a better option. The returns provided are qualitative both in terms of profit and efficiency of doing business.

Some of the benefits provided by VPS hosting are:-

  • Eliminates the need for an expensive dedicated server
  • There are several plans to choose from
  • The partitioned resources amongst CPU and Bandwidth will not affect the sharing processes.
  • Provides the ability to configure and control via the virtualization software technology
  • The fewer servers that get connected can leisurely enjoy the advantage of being allocated more resources for the better.

Best Cheap VPS Hosting Service Providers

VPS hosting platform is considered as the ideal platform for all the startups and their ambitious entrepreneurs who plunge in to make the best out of less budget for their businesses; therefore, VPS hosting services are here to the rescue.

Even though the common ones listed are expensive, there lies a horde of useful cheap VPS hosting platforms that are yet to be explored. Some of the best to avail are listed below in the following:-


Deploying the KVM Hypervisor virtualization technology, the Bluehost VPS host possesses a CentOS operating system. Consisting of cheap VPS hosting plans of $18.99, $29.99, and $59.99, Bluehost ensures that the control panels (cPanel & WHM w/ root access) working on its efficient OS run on the following bandwidth requirement:

  • 1TB
  • 2TB
  • 3TB


Regarded as one of the cheapest VPS hosting services to avail, Dreamhost deploys a Linux-VServer virtualization technology. Hoisting a Custom control panel and running on the Linux-based Ubuntu OS, the Dreamhost contemplates the following cheap pay scales:-

  • $10.00
  • $20.00
  • $40.00
  • $80.00

The Dreamhost functions on unlimited bandwidth, surprisingly.

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A2 Hosting

Utilizing the OpenVZ virtualization technology, the A2 hosting configures its control panel on the cPanel. Not limiting the operating system to certain OS platforms, the A2 hosting rounds up its subscription plans as listed below in the following:

  • $25.00
  • $35.00
  • $50.00

It provides a 2TB bandwidth to function effortlessly for the websites hosting its services.

Liquid Web

Utilizing the KVM Hypervisor virtualization technology and presenting effortless functioning via Linux operating system, the Liquid Web constitutes its tremendous usability in the 10TB bandwidth per mo.

The flexible pricing plans offered run from $15-$125. The control panels offered here are Interworx, Plesk Web Pro, and the cPanel Pro.

But, Is Cheap VPS Hosting Right?

While choosing VPS hosting services, several firms and businesses have contemplated opting for cheaper options only to be apprehensive about the quality of the website hosting service provided. Even though VPS is the most trusted platform, the concerns are valid. Rooting for the wrong VPS hosting service is indeed not uncommon and causes extra losses.

Therefore, here is a small checklist to ensure that you bring the most suitable VPS hosting server:-

  • Be mindful and detail the plan of the budget you can afford
  • Check for high data availability
  • Upgrades available for the downtime circumstances
  • Live Migration of Data as well as data security with security and feel.
  • You may seek feedback and a summary with ratings on the official websites of the VPS hosting service you are thinking about.
  • Choose according to the dynamics of your business.
  • The system should support the following factors willingly: Social contact, reliability, and scalability.
Final Thoughts: Is VPS Hosting The Future?

It has been forecasted that the virtual private server market is expected to be a whopping heap of USD 8.88 billion while growing at a rate of 12.47% in the coming years of 2020-27. Its high growth rate is associated with improvement, customer usability as well as feasibility in the forthcoming days.

After the hard-hitting pandemic period, when all the workload got diverted to the virtual forums, only the brick-and-mortar businesses survived via VPS hosting. As of now, even the hybrid working environment has not let go of the hand once lent by the VPS host.

Therefore, it might not be wrong to conclude that VPS is here to stay—only in a better version manifested by the miracles of developing technology.

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