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T2, T3, T3a, and T4g instances

T series of instances are general-purpose computing platforms that are suitable for beginner ventures and startups. It can be very confusing and mind-boggling to read through all the details of available EC2 instances available, with the difficulty of deciding which one is best for what application. This is where the trick of the EC2 t2 series, EC2 t3 series kicks in as they are truly general purpose and come at a very reasonable cost. We highly recommend considering the EC2 T2 and T3 series for any startup and/or website who are unsure of the selection of the right platform and are tight on budget.

One great feature of EC2 t3 is the burstable performance where on peak load demand, you can exceed compute power beyond the baseline.  Of course, there will be an additional charge to that, however still a very valuable feature as customer demand will be met in any case even in the times of peak loads, resulting in seamless operation and better trust rating from clients.

Some of the general-purpose applications you can use EC2 t2 and t2 for:

  • Websites and web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Small databases with less load stringency
  • Microservices

For more information, see Amazon EC2 T2 InstancesAmazon EC2 T3 Instances, and Amazon EC2 T4g Instances

  • 1T2
  • 2T3
  • 3T3a
  • 4T4g
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