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22 Web Development & Design Courses – EC2instancehelper

The service quality of a website depends on the work of the developers and the designers, as they should balance the two important aspects of a website: web development and design.

One of the most popular jobs for the past few years, ae web development and design. With online activities rising, web developers are the need of the hour. There are plenty of options for those who want to pursue a career in this field.  andIt is important to know what kind, of course, you want to take in order to find a good one.


The best courses for Web development & design are those that offer the following:

  • A solid foundation in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with a focus on best practices
  • A strong understanding of the industry’s current trends, including how they affect user experience and design
  • A focus on building interactive prototypes with tools like Sketch
  • An opportunity to learn more about UX principles, user interface design, user experience research, a web analytics
  • A chance to practice building interactive prototypes using tools like Axure RP Pro or Balsamiq Mockups
  • Engaging projects that allow students to explore real-world challenges such as creating an app or website.


There are numerous web courses out there and it can get overwhelming when you are just a Beginner. It’s important that you know what type of course you want before searching – whether it’s a general or niche-specific course, whether it’s an online or in-person class, and so on.


We have compiled a list of courses that offer both quality and value.

1.    web course Code academy

  • Time- 30weeks
  • Price- Free for a 7-day trial; after that, $39.99/month
  • Difficulty: Beginner

Code Academy is an online learning platform that teaches web development skills to students who have no previous experience. Code Academy offers courses on a wide range of subjects including HTML, CSS, JavaScript and more. They offer a variety of courses at different levels to suit the needs of their students.


2.    Computer Programming by Khan Academy

  • Time- Self-paced
  • Price- Free
  • Difficulty- Beginner

Khan Academy is a web development course provider with over 2,000 videos, interactive coding exercises and more.


Khan Academy provides a wide variety of resources for people to learn computer programming. They offer different levels of web courses and resources for beginners to experts. The website has been used by millions of people all around the country.


3.    Introduction to Computer Science and Programming using Python by eDx

  • Time- 9 weeks; 14-16 hours per week
  • Price- Free without a certificate; $75 with a certificate
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

Python is one of the many programming languages out there and it is one of the most popular and widely-used programmers by developers. eDx offers a comprehensive course on Python, which will cover a variety of topics and strengthens your basic knowledge of computer science, web development and programming. This web course is designed to take students from zero to professional in just 9 weeks.


4.    Programming for everybody by Coursera and the University of Michigan

  • Time- 7 weeks; 2-4 hours per week
  • Price- Free without a certificate; $75 with a certificate
  • Difficulty- Intermediate
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The University of Michigan has partnered with Coursera to offer a course on web development. This course teaches students how to build websites with R programming language and it is open to anyone who wants to learn more about web development.


Coursera and the University of Michigan are trying to bring programming language into the mainstream by making it accessible for everybody.


5.    Learn Web Development by the Mozilla Developer Network

  • Time- Self-paced
  • Price- free
  • Difficulty- Beginner


The Mozilla Developer Network is an online resource that provides guides, tutorials, and documentation for learning web development from scratch. It has a variety of courses that can help you learn web development in the most effective way possible. The site offers affordable web courses and resources for anyone interested in learning the basics of programming or developing websites.


6.    JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures by freeCodeCamp

  • Time- Self-Paced
  • Price- Free
  • Difficulty- Intermediate

This web course is designed to help you learn the basics of JavaScript and how it can be used to solve real-world problems. There are many different types of algorithms and data structures that can be implemented in JavaScript. This course is designed to teach you about these algorithms and data structures, as well as how they are implemented in JavaScript.


7.    Introduction to Computer Science by CS50

  • Time- 12 weeks; 6-18 hours per week
  • Price- Free, with the option to upgrade
  • Difficulty- Beginner


CS50 is a course offered by Harvard University that teaches the fundamentals of computer science. It is one of the best web courses out there and is highly recommended for those who are interested in learning this skill.  The course encompasses various topics like algorithm and data structures, programming languages, software engineering, computational thinking, and more.



8.    Free: Dash by General Assembly

  • Time- 11 hours
  • Price- Free
  • Difficulty- Beginner

General Assembly is a free, online coding Bootcamp that teaches web development and design. In this course, students learn to build websites from scratch and also get to know the basics of design.

The General Assembly has been around since 2011 and it has helped people in more than 130 countries around the world. It has grown into one of the most popular coding boot camps because it is free to enrol in and provides a lot of value for its students.


9.    HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for Web Developers by Coursera and John Hopkins University

  • Time- 5 weeks; 5-11 hours per week
  • Price- Free, but certificate at a cost
  • Difficulty- Beginner

Coursera and John Hopkins University offer a web course about HTML, CSS and JavaScript for web developers.  This course is structured for beginners in the field of web development.

.this course covers the basics of programming languages like HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It also includes hands-on exercises that help students to get familiar with the coding process.

10.      The Web Development Boot camp 2022 by Udemy

  • Time- 63 hours
  • Price- $16.99
  • Difficulty- Beginner
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The web course is designed to teach you everything from the basics of programming languages to advanced techniques in web design. This course will help you learn how to code by teaching concepts through hands-on experience rather than just reading about them.

You’ll learn from instructors who are experts in their fields and have worked at some of the world’s leading companies.

11.          Modern HTML, CSS from Beginning by Udemy

  • Time- 21 hours
  • Price- ₹3,499
  • Difficulty- Beginner

Udemy’s Modern HTML, CSS from Beginning web course is the perfect introduction to the fundamental skills you’ll need for web development for beginners. The course covers everything you need to know about HTML and CSS, from the basics of document structure and styling your website, to using frameworks like Bootstrap and AngularJS. The course is completely interactive and doesn’t require any previous experience with the language to get started.

12.       Ultimate Web Design Course by WebFlow University

  • Time- 4hours
  • Price- Free
  • Difficulty- Beginner

Webflow University is an online platform where you can learn web design and Webflow with interactive video tutorials. This web course provides a comprehensive walkthrough on the basics of designing with Webflow, including how to add content blocks, how to customize them, and how to use them for responsive design.


13.       Beginner Web Design using HTML5, CSS3 & Visual Studio Code

  • Time- 4hours
  • Price- Free
  • Difficulty- Beginner

Beginner Web Design is a course that teaches you how to design and create websites using HTML5, CSS3, and Visual Studio Code. This course teaches you to design and create websites using hTMl5, CSS3 and Visual Studio Code.


This course will help you get started with web design by teaching you the essentials of web development. You will learn the basics of HTML5, CSS3, and Visual Studio Code and build your first website from scratch.


14.      Build Your First Web Pages with HTML and CSS by OpenClassrooms-

  • Time- 10 hours
  • Price- Free,(for certificate a $20/month membership)
  • Difficulty- Beginner

OpenClassrooms is an online platform that provides interactive web courses latest technologies. Build Your First Web Pages with HTML and CSS is a course that teaches users how to build their first website using these two technologies. It covers all the basic concepts of HTML and CSS before moving on to more intricate topics such as forms, navigation menus, layout, images, text effects and more.


15.        The web design track by TreeHouse

  • Time- 43 hours
  • Price- $25/month for courses and $49/month for courses plus.
  • Difficulty- Intermediate

TreeHouse is an online learning platform that focuses on helping students learn how to build websites. It offers a variety of web courses and tutorials, as well as other resources like courses on iOS, Android, and more.


16.           Front End Development Course by Skillcrush

  • Time- 3months
  • Price- $549 one-time payment or $199/month for three months
  • Difficulty- Beginners

Skillcrush is a skill-based community that offers courses on various topics, including frontend development. Skillcrush’s curriculum combines theory and practice to provide students with the skills they need to get a job in the industry. Each week you’ll learn about a new topic related to frontend development, including HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. You’ll also learn how to build your own website by following the step-by-step instructions of the course.

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17.         Responsive web design course by Envato tuts+

  • Time- 3 hours
  • Price- $16.50/month
  • Difficulty- Beginners

Responsive web design is a process that allows designers to create an adaptive website that adjusts the layout and content based on the device’s size.. This course will teach you to come up with responsive outputs with HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


18.        “Encouraging Clicks Master class” by Paul Boag

  • Time- 5 hours
  • Price- $267 one-time fee
  • Difficulty- Beginner


Paul Boag is a web developer and designer who has been working with the technology for over 15 years.  The founder of Webdesigner Depot, he offers lessons on web designing, development and marketing services for companies. He also has a blog named “Encouraging Clicks” where he shares his experience in teaching people about web development and design.


19.            W3CX Frontend Developer Program by edX

  • Time- 140hours
  • Price- free, for certificate $895.50
  • Difficulty- beginners

The Frontend Developer Program by edX is a web course that teaches web development and design skills. It provides a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and more. The Frontend Developer Program by edX is designed for people who want to build websites or apps with the latest technologies such as React JS/React Native.


20.           Udacity frontend web development nanodegree

  • Time- 100+hours
  • Price- $1356 one-time fee for 4-month access, or $399/month
  • Difficulty- Beginners and Intermediate

Udacity offers a frontend web development nanodegree that is designed for individuals who want to learn how to code at their own pace. This course includes video lectures, interactive coding exercises, and project-based learning. This web course also includes exclusive access to Udacity’s online community where students can ask questions and share ideas with others in the program.


21.         OpenHPI: Human-Centered Design Course

  • Time- 12 hours
  • Difficulty- Intermediate
  • Price- free

OpenHPI is a free, online web course that uses the Human-Centered Design process to teach web development and design. The end goal of this course is to help students to create engaging user experiences through software.


22.              Web animations with After Effects & Lottie

  • Time- 12 hours
  • Difficulty- Intermediate
  • Price- free

The basics of after effects along with a focus on creating animations are what this course has to offer. You’ll learn how to use the app to create movement in your design without writing any code.



These courses will help you familiarize yourself with the computer language and helps you strengthen your skills. These courses offer a variety of lessons and come in different levels, like Beginner, intermediate, specialization, etc. So you can choose the one closest to your preference.


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