Top Website Designers – Best Choices for Website Builders

Creating a visually stunning and functional website is crucial in today’s digital landscape, as we highlight the top website designers that stand out as the best choices for website builders.

Whether you’re a business owner, a blogger, or an aspiring entrepreneur, these website builders offer user-friendly interfaces and a wide range of design options. From drag-and-drop simplicity to powerful customization features, these top picks empower you to bring your website vision to life effortlessly.

We explore the world of website builders that are favored by top website designers. These choices ensure your website reflects your brand identity and captivates your audience, making a lasting impact in the competitive online arena.

For a business to survive or simply operate in this digitally competitive world, a website is essential. A website can help you bring in millions of visitors, gather endless leads for your product and services, and earn huge revenue. A business website needs to be creative, aesthetically pleasing, provide a good customer experience, and should make it easy for customers to place their orders. However, most businesses fail to follow the basic principles and end up losing a huge chunk of potential audience and customers. The gist of the matter is, no matter what kind of business and industry you’re operating in, a business website is needed. But building a website is challenging for most businesses, and some end up spending way more money than required.
That’s where the best website builder comes in, they can help in simplifying the process, cut down costs significantly, and allow for great flexibility. To help businesses, we have done our research on the best website builder for small businesses, the best website builder for eCommerce, the best website builder for online stores, and the best website builder for free. We’ve compiled a singular list of all the best website builder options regardless of business type, business scale, industry type, and budget required.

Before we start off with our list of the best website builder, let’s discuss how to choose the best website builder website builders


Choosing the Best Website Builder: What and How’s?

There’s no limit to website builders you can find with a simple Google search, and all of them claim to be the best option in the industry, but that can’t be true, can it? You must know what factors to consider while choosing the best website builder free or paid. There are some simple website builders and there are some more extensive ones with tons of features. The first thing you need to do is establish your need and your priority while building your website, that will be the building block for choosing the ideal website builder.

When it comes to pricing, even the best website builder offers 2-4 unique pricing models, each of them offering a different set of features. This ultimately complicates the process of choosing the best website builder for small businesses or for large businesses and that’s why we’ve compiled this guide of the best website builder.

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On average, you can get a simple website builder for just $10 if you choose an annual plan. When it comes to the best website builder for eCommerce, the price can go up to $20-$25 per month with a premium plan reaching hundreds of dollars monthly. To find the best website builder for your business, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

  1. Purpose of Site?

The first-ever question that you should ask yourself is why you need the website. What do you wish to accomplish with your website? Do you just want an online presence? Do you wish to boost revenue or promote your products and services?

By figuring out the purpose of your website, you’ll be able to find the right tools, plugins, and features you want your website to have. You don’t need to overburden your website with useless tools and plugins that don’t have anything to do with your website’s end goal. If your goal is to boost the sales of your business, then you’ll want to look at the best website builder for eCommerce. Or if you just wish to showcase your products to the audience, then you’ll need to look for a portfolio website builder.

  1. Time Invested in Website Building

This is the second factor that you should consider while picking the best website builder. Each website builder has its own set of pros and cons when it comes to usability and ease of use of the tools. If you don’t have much time on your hand for building your website, then you’ll want to choose simple website builders.

Most people would want to spend enough time to build a website that serves the end goal. Your website is usually the first impression a customer has of a business, if your website isn’t operating as you intend, you may want to put more time into building the website.

  1. Level of Control 

This factor goes hand-in-hand with time investment, as the more control you have over your website, the better choices you’ll be able to make. Some website builders don’t offer a lot of flexibility, and you should always go for a website builder that offers a moderate to extreme level of control.

  1. The scale of the Website

Not every website is the same, some are expected to have a huge level of traffic and structure (40+ pages). So you must choose a website builder that fits the size of your website. Most of the big scale websites are eCommerce businesses as they contain tons of pages, in this instance, you need to find the best website builder for an online store.

  1. The scale of Sales Operation

Small businesses looking forward to boosting their businesses with a website should especially consider transaction fees while choosing a website builder. If you’re paying higher transaction fees (3-5%) then you’ll be losing a lot of money. As a small business, you need to pick a website builder that offers a significantly low level of transaction fees.

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Best Website Builder for Businesses

1. Wix: Best Overall

Wix is without a doubt, ranking top when it comes to the best website builder. The tool has helped over 110 million websites to come into existence. The reason behind the popularity of Wix is the huge spectrum of tools, functionalities, and flexibility.

Wix offers incredible ease of use by combining AI into the process known as Wix ADI which requires minimal effort from the user while building the website. Like most of its competitors, Wix offers a basic free website builder plan that allows users to create free sites with ads. So if you’re looking for the best website builder free, then Wix should be your go-to option. If you like the features, then you can upgrade to a premium plan that excludes every ad from the platform, the premium plan costs just $14 per month. If you need to build an eCommerce website, then Wix offers a $49 per month “Business VIP” plan. These prices don’t include a domain name, so you’ll need to buy the domain separately.

Regardless of being the best website builder, Wix has a couple of cons. Wix has data limitations in every single one of their plan, so if you want to upload endless photos and videos, and if you expect 5000+ visitors a month to your site. So you need to make sure that you choose carefully.

2. Weebly: Easiest to Use

Weebly is close to Wix in the number of sites the platform has helped in building (50 million). It offers a series of great tools and functionalities based on your website needs. Weebly is considered to be a simple website builder, and if you want an easy-to-use website with a large site (25-30 pages), unlimited storage, site portability, and affordable online store features.

The ease of use offered by the platform suggests that the platform is limited when it comes to add-ons and design flexibility, and it doesn’t offer as many options or mobile customization compared to Wix.

Weebly’s prices are similar to Wix but the free plan offered by Weebly is the best in the industry, add just $5 and you can get a domain to get your website up and running. The $12 per month plan offers an ad-free site with analytics and eCommerce features, while the $25 plan gets you more store tools, such as tax and shipping calculators, inventory management, and discounts.

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Weebly is the perfect tool for those who are limited on time and budget, it is one of the best website builders free.

3. GoDaddy: Best for Basic Websites

GoDaddy is famous for offering domain names, and web hosting services but not many people know that it also offers a website builder platform. They offer a couple of website builder templates that are basic in design and functionalities.

The free plan offers simple features like email and social media marketing, PayPal payments, and an SSL certificate. The $10 plan offers nothing but basic functionalities, the $15 plan adds SEO tools to the mix and the $20 plan offers extended support. If you need the eCommerce plan the price is $25, which includes online store features. Including brilliant product listing and shipping options for an eCommerce store.

4. WordPress: Bloggers and Writers

What most people know about WordPress is the free open-source software available through WordPress is an amazingly powerful tool and it will take some time to learn and you require a website host and domain name.

The website builder is incredibly powerful and it’s similar to other builders listed above and is primarily focused on bloggers and writers. The WordPress website builder is one of the best website builders available in the industry, and it offers every single tool you can want from a website builder. The platform is not similar to Wix and Weebly in terms of drag and drops functionality.

The prices are cheap, starting off at just $4 per month to remove ads and providing you with 6GB of storage. The next plan comes at $8 per month offering 13 GB storage and online store features, and the top plan costs $25 and it allows you to use custom WordPress themes and add-ons.

5. Shopify: Best Website Builder for eCommerce

Shopify is the perfect solution when you want to build an eCommerce store. The platform is simple to use and offers user-friendly options that allow you to build and run your website in a short amount of time. Shopify is a good option to start your eCommerce website, it’s pretty similar to Wix when it comes to the interface.

Shopify’s platform is built to help businesses enhance product sales. Fortunately for those who aren’t tech-savvy, Shopify can make the website-building process easier. Shopify offers 24-7 phone and chat support and a huge online community so you can also leverage that for building your website.

Unlike its competitors, Shopify doesn’t have too many plans, they offer just 3 plans:

  • Shopify Basic plan: $29/month (basic tools)
  • $79 plan: Gift cards and staff accounts
  • $299 plan: best for big online stores

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